Smokeless cigarettes are the best

Vapor cigarettes are also known as smokeless cigarettes. The cigarette is comprised of a cartridge that retains filler that is doused with nicotine/flavoring. When you take a puff it triggers an atomizer that produces heat that turns the liquid into vapor. That is why they call them smokeless cigarettes.

You can buy refillable or throw away cartridges. There are many different flavors that you can refill the cigarettes with. The cigarettes also come in regular, light and menthol. They come in many different styles. Fruit flavored liquid is also available.

Why I chose smokeless cigarettes

I have been thinking about my health and what I can do to improve it. Well after thinking long and hard I have decided to quit smoking. I thought why not use a smokeless cigarette that imitates the pleasures of smoking a regular cigarette. So I got on the internet and did some research on smokeless cigarettes. There are many styles and a great selection of flavors that you can buy. I decided to try the light flavor of nicotine.

It was very simple to use. The style was refillable. I chose my flavor and ordered a starter kit. I could use it for approximately 3hours of moderate smoking before having to charge the battery.

This is one way to smoke without offending people that are sitting around me in public establishments. I especially like the fact that there are no toxins in the air from the smoke. That is a good thing when I am around my grandchildren. My clothes and house do not smell of smoke.

Using the smokeless cigarette is so cost effective. I use to pay almost $7 for a pack of regular cigarettes that would last for half a day. The new cigarette refills cost around $5.99 and up depending how many I buy at a time. They last over two weeks depending on how much I use it.

The cigarettes are safe to use, no chemicals, toxins or tars to inhale into your lungs. Using these cigarettes is the best of both worlds. I quit smoking and now smoke for pleasure without any adverse effects.

More people are using smokeless cigarettes

More people are finding it harder to smoke regular cigarettes in public or even some cities. More cities are putting bans on cigarettes. People are turning to other alternatives instead of using regular cigarettes. Some of these alternatives are gum, pills and patches. They do not always work and people give up using them. They are also very expensive. This is why more are using the smokeless cigarettes.

They find that they are easy to use, cost effective and contain no tar, toxins or chemicals. There are many different styles to choose from and many flavors to choose. It is like smoking real cigarettes.
All one has to do is get on the internet and search for smokeless cigarettes. There are loads of companies that make and sell the product all over the world.

So if you want to save money, quit smoking and better your health, then try a smokeless cigarette. Choose the flavor you want with/without nicotine and the style. Some dealers are offering discounts on their products and rewards that can used to buy off their site. As it is getting harder and harder to smoke in public, for now, using smokeless cigarettes allows you to smoke almost anywhere. So take my advice and try the smokeless cigarettes for an enjoyable smoke and clean smoke.
Please remember to keep all smoking materials out of the reach of children. Just like real cigarettes.

Pleasures of smoking a smokeless cigarette

Using a smokeless cigarette has the same effect as a real cigarette when smoked. The only difference is that you do not get all the chemicals that are in cigarettes and its smoke.

You get the effect because the smoke that is made is really mist that you inhale. This mist is created by the atomizer and a heater. The liquid inside the cigarette is made up of water and flavoring. It comes in an assortment of flavors such as punch, mango, mint, chocolate just to name a few. The flavors come with/without nicotine.
You can order them online or buy them in stores. The prices range from $5.99 for one to $14.99 for more.

Quit smoking regular cigarettes

There are many tools out there to help you quit smoking. There are patches, nicotine gum, pills and many other things that you can buy over the counter and by prescriptions. They are very expensive and sometimes do not work. These tools are very expensive and so are regular cigarettes.

The smokeless cigarette gives the option to use while trying to quit regular cigarettes. When smoking regular cigarettes, you inhale all kinds of chemicals which are too numerous to mention. One chemical that does enter your body is the tar. It coats your lungs and can cause cancer.

I have used the smokeless cigarette and I did stop smoking. Now I use it for pleasure and when I get the craving for a regular cigarette. Every time you take a puff the cigarette delivers a small amount of nicotine/flavors in a mist. This gives me the satisfaction of smoking and my cravings go away.

Reasons to use smokeless cigarettes

I buy the light style of a smokeless cigarette. They also are available in regular strength, menthol and fruit flavors.
You can use them to help you quit smoking. I started out with the bigger dose of nicotine and gradually went down to the least amount of nicotine.

I can smoke them anywhere they allow them. In bars, cafes, lounges and so forth. People that are around me when I am smoking do not complain because there is no smell to the mist or chemicals that they can inhale.
Smokeless cigarettes look just like a regular cigarette. But, there is no fire, smoke or ashes.
When you kick the habit of regular cigarettes, use the smokeless cigarette for pleasure. I do not have to worry about my health. I have been healthier since I use the smokeless cigarette. I can breathe better, I am not so tired do to the lack of oxygen, my asthma is better. I even have lowered my blood pressure and stress level.
The smokeless cigarette is less expensive than buying regular cigarettes at almost $8 for a pack of twenty. So it has saved me a great deal of money this year.

I think this cigarette is a great thing. It can serve two purposes, a tool to quit smoking and just having it for pleasure.
I love that it has a great delivery process of the mist and that there are no toxins in the smoke or air. I can easily change the cartilage when I need to fill it. You can buy the cigarette with the cartilage or buy a bottle of nicotine/flavored fluid.
So if you like to smoke but would also like to quit making yourself healthier then trying the smokeless cigarette. Find the flavor that you would like to try and enjoy the effects of smoking an alternative to the regular cigarette. It is for all sorts of people.

The best smokeless cigarettes

I have been smoking smokeless cigarettes for awhile now and would not go back to regular cigarettes.

Easy to use and order

Smokeless cigarettes have three parts, the atomizer, the cartridge and the filler. You can also buy the whole cigarette already filled so you do not have to bother with the liquid. I usually buy thee prefilled. All I have to do is take a puff.

All I did was get on the internet and Google smokeless cigarettes. There are so many different sites where buying and shopping is easy. Most sites take credit cards and offer rewards for shopping on their site. They also offer discounts. The sites are secure so there is no worry about numbers being stolen.


When it was time to choose a smokeless cigarette and after my research, I chose the Blu brand. It is sleek and black in color. I picked the weakest nicotine with a peach flavor. The cigarettes are all prefilled so all I do is smoke. I feel very satisfied when using them. The cigarettes are toxin, tar and chemical free and safe for everyone.
In conclusion; The Blu smokeless cigarette is found in stores and on the internet. You can buy holding cases for them. The taste is marvelous and is delivered in a water mist that is safe to inhale. Just like smoking real cigarettes. My suggestion to any one that wants to quit smoking, they should try smokeless cigarettes. There are e-cigarettes that resemble the real cigarette but without the harmful effects. They come prefilled or not, strait nicotine or flavored. Online stores do accept credit cards that make it easy to order.
Please keep all smoking paraphernalia away from children. Smokeless cigarettes are not meant to be for children to smoke.